The Olga Loizon Memorial Foundation has announced the opening of its grant application process for female entrepreneurs in Michigan. These grants offer financial assistance for women seeking to start or expand their businesses within the state.

Olga Loizon
Olga Loizon

Grant Details and Requirements

The foundation will award grants of up to $10,000. Eligibility criteria stipulate that applicants must reside in Michigan and submit a personal statement that highlights their financial need. In addition, a formal business plan is mandatory for the application. The deadline for submissions is May 6, and the grant recipients will be publicly named on May 20, coinciding with the birthday of Olga Loizon, the late founder of Olga’s Kitchen.

Olga Loizon
Olga Loizon, the Trailblazing Founder of Olga’s Kitchen

Historical Context

The Olga Loizon Memorial Foundation was established in memory of Olga Loizon, a businesswoman known for her restaurant chain, Olga’s Kitchen. Loizon made a significant contribution to the Michigan business landscape, notably by opening her first restaurant in Birmingham, Michigan, during the 1970s. The foundation aims to continue her legacy by providing financial support to female entrepreneurs.

Previous Beneficiaries

In the previous year, the Olga Loizon Memorial Foundation disbursed a total of $20,000 in grants. Two businesses, Sticky Spoons Jam of Niles and U-Plant Landscape Designs of Greater Grand Rapids, were the beneficiaries. Both companies are led by women and the grants have reportedly assisted them in their business operations.

How to Apply

Applications for the grants can be submitted online via the foundation’s website. The official application form is available at The deadline for application submissions is May 6. All applications will undergo a review process, and the names of the grant recipients will be announced on May 20.

Loredana Gianino
Loredana Gianino

Company Statement

Loredana Gianino, the Director of Marketing at Olga’s Kitchen, emphasized the foundation’s commitment to fostering business leadership among women. “Olga Loizon overcame countless obstacles as she built one of metro Detroit’s most beloved restaurant concepts more than 50 years ago,” Gianino stated in a news release. “We hope that the next generation of women business owners are inspired by her passion, ambition, and vision.”

Additional Information

Those who wish to contribute to the funding of these grants may make donations to the Olga Loizon Memorial Foundation. Donations can be made through the foundation’s website.

The Olga Loizon Memorial Foundation aims to provide female entrepreneurs in Michigan with financial resources to aid their business ventures. By offering grants of up to $10,000, the foundation hopes to alleviate some of the financial barriers that often impede business growth. The initiative also serves to honor the memory and business achievements of Olga Loizon.