Few events in the business world are as significant as a company going public. Throughout history, approximately 7,000 companies have taken this step. Yet only around 30 of these companies have been both founded and led by women. Among these women is Julie Wainwright, an entrepreneur with an established track record in Silicon Valley, who has achieved this accomplishment twice.

Wainwright’s Silicon Valley Tenure

Julie Wainwright has a career that spans over two decades in Silicon Valley. She has held executive positions in several tech companies, including a stint as CEO of Reel.com in 1997 and Pets.com in 1999. In 2011, Wainwright founded The RealReal, a platform specializing in consignment luxury goods, and successfully took the company public in 2019.

The RealReal
The RealReal

Wainwright’s Foray into Health Sector with Ahara

In addition to her success in the tech sector, Wainwright has expanded her entrepreneurial efforts to the health sector with her newest venture, Ahara. The specifics of the company and its direction reflect Wainwright’s adaptability as a business leader and her drive to explore new sectors.

The Experiences of a Female Founder in Tech

Wainwright provides a candid account of her journey as a female founder in the tech industry. She shares insights into the challenges she’s faced and her motivations. Her narrative underscores the determination that has been pivotal to her success.

The Genesis of The RealReal: Overcoming Fears and Embracing Entrepreneurship

Initially, Wainwright found the idea of entrepreneurship intimidating, but she was quick to overcome these feelings. Her experience has demonstrated that building and leading her companies has been key to her professional fulfillment. Her company, The RealReal, was conceived after a shopping excursion for consignment luxury clothes, a moment that allowed Wainwright to see a new business opportunity. “I just ran with it,” she says, illustrating her decisive and forward-thinking approach.