A mother’s job is never complete, and it can even include raising money for a youth sporting team. When it comes to raising money for children’s sports teams, it is always fun to find creative ways to raise funds. Rather than use fundraising methods that can get boring, it is best to come up with some fun fundraising ideas. Here are 7 innovative ways to help mothers out raising money for their child’s sports team.

1. Have a Walk-a-Thon

Have each child on the team participate in a walk-a-thon where they can get friends and family to sponsor them. The children will be able to collect money for each mile walked, and the proceeds can really add up. All of the participants can wear custom team hats to let the community know who they are.

2. Hold an Auction of Services

Each team member can volunteer a service that they’d like to provide in the community. It can be anything from washing someone’s car to mowing someone’s lawn. Auction off these services in order to raise some money.

3. Have an Ice Cream Stand

Chances are, just about everyone on the team has participated in a lemonade stand once or twice. Change things up with an ice cream stand to really make things interesting. The children can sell ice cream bars, cones, or bowls of this yummy treat.

4. Host a Dance Marathon

Everyone will enjoy the chance to get together and let loose while dancing. All of the team members can participate in a 6 to 12-hour dance marathon – or even longer if they would like. They will all be truly surprised at how much money they can raise by doing this!

5. Hold a Team Yard Sale

Everyone will appreciate a community yard sale, and the team will have the opportunity to raise a significant amount of money. Each child on the team can have their family clean out basements, attics, and closets to find stuff that they no longer need. Donate it to the team yard sale where all of the teammates can negotiate the best prices and raise plenty of money for the sports team.

6. Have a Talent Show

This will truly be a fun and memorable event because the team members can participate, and they can also invite other children throughout the community to do so as well. Choose a venue such as the school gymnasium, and charge a few dollars for admission. As an added bonus, a few of the team members can sell concessions during the event with products that the team families can donate. This will increase the amount of funds that can be raised, and everyone is sure to have the time of their lives!

7. Have a Pizza Party

Everyone loves a good pizza party, so why not use it as a way to raise money? Ask the families of the team members to donate funds in order to purchase the pizzas. Charge a specific dollar amount per slice, and make sure to invite the entire community. A few local pizza places may even be willing to offer a discount on pizzas in order to help even further.