Moving is never easy. When you have kids, the task can be downright daunting. One way to alleviate some of the work is to get your kids involved in the moving. Involving your kids can give them a personal investment in the project. Here are five simple ways to get your kids involved when you’re planning a move.

1- Put Them in Charge of Labeling

If you’re packing for a move, you’re going to have a lot of boxes to label. Luckily, that’s something you can have the kids do. Younger kids can label their boxes with their favorite color or their favorite stickers.

Older kids can use a label maker to create distinctive labels for all your packing boxes. That way, the kids stay involved, and you don’t need to play a guessing game when it’s time to unpack the boxes.

2- Let Them Sort Their Rooms

Kids rooms can be a lot of work to get ready for a move. One of the biggest projects involves sorting through clothes, toys, and other belongings. Plus, there’s the trash that might be hiding in your kid’s rooms.

One way to get your kids involved is to put them in charge of sorting their rooms. They can separate their belongings into clothes, toys, and trash. From there, older kids can pack up their belongings.

3- Give Them Areas to Clean

When you’re packing for a move, you also need to worry about the cleaning. Whether you’re trying to get your deposit back, or you want to leave a good impression on the new owners, you want to leave your old house as clean as possible.

That’s one way to get the kids involved in the move. Give your kids certain areas of the house to clean. Young kids can get a spray bottle filled with water and a clean rag. Older kids can be tasked with cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms.

You can also put older kids in charge of taking trash bags out to the dumpster. That way, you can eliminate the clutter, clean the house, and keep the kids involved.

4- Provide Incentives

Incentives are another great way to get kids involved in the moving process. There are several ways you can provide incentives while you’re planning your move. One way is to create specific goals for each phase of the move.

For instance, arrange a pizza party once all the packing is completed. Then. offer a different incentive for when the house is clean and ready to go. This gives kids something to work towards while they help you get ready to move.

5- Create Floor Plans

If you want to get your kids involved in the moving process, map out the dimensions of their new room on a piece of paper. Then, let them spend time creating floor plans for their new rooms. That way, they’ll know where they want to place things once everything gets moved into the new house.

Give kids the chance to be involved. Use the tips provided here to keep your kids active and involved during your next move.