Women today are always on the lookout for ways to save money, and while cars are much more reliable these days and don’t need oil changes as frequently as in the past, it’s still an essential costly maintenance task that comes around regularly. Knowing how to change your car’s oil yourself is an empowering skill for anyone, but women especially. Following, you’ll find 5 key reasons why women should learn this simple automotive DIY.

1. Save Money

Oil changes at a service station or dealership can cost $40-60 for each visit. If you change it yourself, you’ll just pay for the oil and filter which may run you $20-30. While you need to dispose of the used oil properly, the savings over the long haul are well worth it. With oil changes needed only every 5,000-7,500 miles now, you could save hundreds per year.

2. Convenience

You can change the oil when it fits your schedule rather than waiting for a technician appointment. Don’t spend your precious Saturdays rushing to the dealer before their closing time or waste an already packed trying to get one of their far and few weekend slots. Do it on your lunch break or knock it out quickly on a weeknight. The flexibility lets you maintain your vehicle on your own terms.

3. Avoid Upsells

Dealerships often recommend additional unneeded services when you come in for an oil change. They may try to upsell you on air filters, fuel system cleaners, transmission flushes, and more. While some of these services are required periodically, they often get pushed for sales purposes. Doing it yourself means just paying for what you know your car needs, and you’ll be assured of the quality oil and filters used in the process.

4. Learn About Your Car

Popping the hood yourself gives you a chance to learn about your engine. Identifying key components like the air filter, dipsticks, and belts helps you understand what’s going on under there. You’ll also notice any leaks or issues to get addressed before they turn into major repairs. Getting familiar with your own underhood basics empowers you to handle your own automotive needs.

5. Build Confidence

Learning new skills, especially those traditionally seen as “men’s work”, builds lifelong confidence. The same goes for handling basic car maintenance like oil changes. You’ll prove to yourself that you can handle all aspects of owning a vehicle. Next time your car has an issue, you may be able to diagnose and handle repairs yourself rather than calling for roadside assistance. The confidence and satisfaction from gaining new automotive skills are truly empowering.

Changing your own oil only takes about 30 minutes once you’ve done it a couple of times. With a few tools, a jack, and ramps, you’ll be able to get it done anytime. While quick lube shops want your business, home oil changes let you save money and take care of your own car needs. Invest an hour under the hood and get comfortable with this essential maintenance task. Your wallet and your confidence will thank you!