The holidays are just around the corner. Most of us have family traditions and friends we want to see for a celebratory meal or party. It’s time to turn our attention to upcoming celebrations and ways to make them more memorable than last year’s party.

The trick to creating a more memorable holiday party for your friends is finding ways to elevate your celebration beyond your typical chips and dip gathering. Here, we’ve compiled five ideas for elevating your holiday party with friends.

1- Create a Theme

Obviously, the holiday you are celebrating creates part of your theme, but you don’t have to stop with traditional holiday decorations or menus. For example, if everyone in your friend circle is a dedicated pizza aficionado, why not have a homemade pizza party? Or, if you all adore Irish folk music, use that as a starting point for your décor, food, and activity choices. Nothing says you must use traditional color palettes and foods for your party.

2- Host an At-Home Karaoke Party

In recent years, karaoke has experienced a resurgence in popularity. Why not take that activity a step further and tailor your party around it? There are numerous good holiday songs available in karaoke mixes, and you can shape a karaoke party in various ways. You can structure it as a simple singing as you want to party or turn the singing into a group contest complete with prizes. The goal is to have fun and enjoy time with friends.

3- Create a Cigar and Alcohol Pairing Station

For a more sophisticated, adults-only gathering, consider setting up a cigar and alcohol pairing station. If you aren’t knowledgeable about pairing the two, you might consider visiting your local cigar shop to learn if there is a local expert you could hire for the evening. You can keep the menu simple with hors d’oeuvres that pair nicely with the alcohols you choose, or you can have the cigar and alcohol pairing as an after-dinner treat.

4- Make S’mores in the Fireplace

Nothing says the holidays quite like roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. Children and adults alike enjoy the melty, ooey, gooey goodness of chocolate and marshmallow mixed with graham crackers. You can make your s’mores stations simple or elegant depending on the theme of your party and the ages attending. Don’t forget to provide a variety of chocolate or marshmallow options to keep the s’mores festive and memorable.

5- Create a Festive Playlist

No matter what theme or activities you choose for your holiday gathering, music makes everything more festive. If you know your guests’ musical tastes, you can easily tailor your playlist to include their favorite holiday tunes. If not, you can create a mix of old favorites and new radio hits. Creating your playlist before your party begins will ensure that the music lasts for the entire party, and you won’t be scrambling to find the perfect song at the last minute.

These five ideas for elevating your holiday party with friends are just a few ways to make your celebration memorable this year. Use your imagination and your knowledge of your friend circle to create the celebration you will always cherish.